Dental Practice  Mercury Testing

Affordable Dental Practice Mercury Screening

Dental Practice Mercury Screening

MI USA has made it affordable you to easily prove and defend that your dental practice is compliant with the OSHA & NIOSH (REL) recommended exposure limits for mercury vapor in the workplace. Get the protection and assurance you need today by calling us at 303-972-3740

Even If You Do Not Place Amalgam, When you remove it, you are Still at Risk!

        One of our customers had not placed an amalgam in over 12 years and had an unacceptable level at his mercury trap

        We fixed the problem and got his practice to an acceptable level in under an hour!

Studies show:

      10% of dentists have 10X the average level of mercury and

      1% of dentists have 30X greater mercury levels than the average person!

Mercury vapor is Odorless, Colorless and cannot be seen!

The only way to know if your mercury traps, amalgam separators and high speed vacuums are functioning properly is to get tested!

We offer an affordable, clean, fast and 100% confidential service to your office.

Prove that you are not part of the mercury problem by calling today!

We provide a certificate that proves your Best Method Practices (BMP) are working properly!

With over 27 years of experience and customers such as

    US Navy

    US Army


    US Dept. of Energy

    US EPA

    Lockheed Martin

Serving every industry that has any connection to mercury from Coal Power Plants and Gold Mining to Neon sign makers we now make it affordable by “Bringing the Lab” to your office with our portable CVAAS analyzer. We now make it easy and affordable for every dentist to ensure they are not exposing themselves, their employees or their patients to mercury.

Our customers generally frame our certificate and place it on the front counter or place it next to their diploma as a symbol of pride for their environmental concerns and especially for their patients’ health!

Mike Shinn at Mercury Instruments USA


  • Protect your business against frivolous lawsuits

  • According to the ADA COUNCIL ON SCIENTIFIC AFFAIRS, Dentists are to “Periodically check the dental operatory atmosphere for mercury vapor”

  • Ensure that your office is in compliance with “the OSHA and NIOSH exposure limits for mercury vapor in the workplace”

  • Comfort your employees and clients

    100% CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE Dental Mercury Screening

    With public concerns related to mercury becoming more common, it is essential to have a partner that you can trust with your mercury compliance needs.

    Although it is unusual, if we identify mercury in excess of acceptable levels, we will provide you with a free and completely confidential consultation regarding the available options for removal and decontamination.

    We use several affordable, safe, and scientifically proven methods to lower mercury vapor to acceptable levels.

    Once your mercury levels are below the NIOSH (REL) recommended exposure limit, we will provide you with a “NIOSH Mercury Compliant” certificate.

    Your data will be held in strict confidence and only released with your written consent.

    Our knowledge, experience, and the use of state of the art mercury screening equipment to certify that your dental office is compliant with the NIOSH exposure limit for mercury. After your office has been screened with the Mercury Tracker 3000, which utilizes cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry, the only EPA validated technique for mercury vapor analysis; one of our certified mercury analysts will review your data and provide you with a comprehensive data report. If mercury levels are below the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s exposure limit of 50 μg/m3 averaged over an eight-hour work shift, over a 40-hour work week, you will receive a “NIOSH Mercury Compliant” certificate.

    Additional Reasons to become compliant:

    Reassure your Employees & Clients

    Prove that your equipment is functioning properly

    Ethically, it’s the right thing to do!

    We furnish you with the data that proves you are in compliance with the “ADA Council on scientific affairs recommendations” as well as the NIOSH and OSHA exposure limits! We furnish you with the data that proves you are in compliance with the “ADA Council on scientific affairs recommendations” as well as the NIOSH and OSHA exposure limits!

    OSHA’s permissible exposure limit for mercury vapor is 100 μg/m3 “ OSHA states “A worker's exposure to mercury vapor shall at no time exceed this ceiling level”

    NIOSH has a recommended exposure limit (REL) for mercury vapor of no more than 50 μg/m3 (TWA) over a 40 hour work week

    ADA says that Dentists are to “Periodically check the dental operatory atmosphere for mercury vapor”

    What proof do you have to show that you are in compliance with any of these mercury standards?

    MI USA will supply you with scientifically defendable data to confirm your compliance.


    According to the ADA, “Dental personnel potentially can be exposed to mercury through direct skin contact with mercury (or freshly mixed dental amalgam) or through exposure to the following potential sources of mercury vapors: accidental mercury spills; malfunctioning amalgamators, leaky amalgam capsules or malfunctioning bulk mercury dispensers (although the ADA recommends against the use of bulk elemental mercury); tritration, placement and condensation of amalgam; polishing or removal of amalgam; vaporization of mercury from contaminated instruments; and open storage of amalgam scrap or used capsules.”


    In business for 24 years, Mercury Instruments USA (MI USA) is a leading supplier of mercury monitoring and testing equipment. You can rest assured that our mercury screening process is performed with the highest level of integrity using the world’s finest scientific instrumentation by the most qualified mercury analysts.

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    A brief list of satisfied clients:

    US Navy

    US Army

    US Dept. of Energy

    US Geological Survey

    US EPA


    Texas A&M


    BAE Systems


    Children's Hospital

    Lockheed Martin


    CH2M Hill



    University of Colorado

    University of Florida

    University of Kentucky

    University of Missouri

    University of California

    Louisiana State University