Mercury decontamination beakers

MeDeX 80 is able to remove mercury vapor from the atmosphere. This is a chelating agent that will remove compound and elemental mercury vapor from the atmosphere and convert the mercury into stable mercury salt in water. Used for decontamination of vessels and equipment during shutdowns and general maintenance work.

MeDeX 80 is a formulated chelating agent able to chelate ionic mercury present in the atmosphere and convert it into a stable compound that is very soluble in aqueous medium. The chemical is biodegradable, non‐toxic, non‐hazardous and non‐corrosive. It is workable in the form of direct spraying, with steam, or with a water circulation technique.

MeDeX 80 will transform elemental and compound mercury vapor into a stable mercury salt in an aqueous form.

MeDeX 80 is a chelating agent which will remove/transform Mercury, Mercurous and Mercuric safely and effectively
MeDeX 80 transforms and degrades mercury into a stable compound soluble in water for removal.
MeDeX 80 is hydrophilic to water and will not stay in Hydrocarbon media.
MeDeX 80 contains plyalkylene glycol compounds and additives, with oxidation and antifoam agents in a complex surfactant system.

Vessel Mercury decontamination

* Steam Injection

* Water Circulation

* Direct Spray

Equipment Mercury decontamination

* Sprayed on equipment

* Soaked in Solution

MeDeX 81

Once the decontamination work is complete, the used chemical and mercury salts are collected.


MeDeX 81 is added which will increase the gravity of the Mercury Salts sinking them to the bottom of the water sludge ‐ thus leaving Mercury free water

MeDeX 81 is an alkaline precipitator able to convert the mercury compound to mercury element and / or mercury oxide.

MeDeX 81 is able to reduce the total toxic waste to a minimum.