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MI USA provides mercury spill clean up backed by scientific data to ensure that after the mercury has been removed the levels are well below the EPA's Acute Exposure Guideline's

Using proven mercury removal techniques, chemicals and equipment, MI USA will quickly contain and remove spilled mercury. After a thorough decontamination procedure we will screen the area using state of the art scientific equipment (Mercury Tracker 3000IP mercury vapor monitor)

After we have completed the in depth mercury screening and the Tracker 3000IP is no longer reading mercury above the EPA's Acute Exposure Guidelines Levels our certified mercury specialist (CMS) will review the data and provide you with a complete scientific data package and "mercury free" certificate.

Procedure                              closed stairs for mercury spill

If you have a broken, mishandled or disposed of improperly mercury containing products. call us and we will provide you with sound advise as to what actions must be taken until one of our mercury cleanup technicians can arrive at the site.

Upon arrival at the site our certified mercury cleanup technician will first dress in their safety gear, they will then turn on the Mercury Tracker 3000IP portable mercury vapor monitor and allow for it to stabilize, they will immediately began to take readings. First thing will be to take readings of all of the clothing, shoes etc... from anyone that may have come into contact with the mercury. This is done to insure than if anyone's clothing items contain mercury, we can dispose of them immediately by concealing them in in a safe bag. This is done to eliminate the spread of mercury to other areas of the building, house, cars etc...

The technician's next step will be to locate the central area of the mercury spill. With the initial readings from the Mercury Tracker 3000IP the technician will be able to quickly determine how bad the contamination is and then will be able to make an assessment of what cleaning procedure will be adequate to remove and clean all of the mercury. After completion of the cleaning procedure the technician will then use the Mercury Tracker 3000IP to make a complete sweep taking readings of the original contaminated area as well as any other areas that mercury could have been tracked to. Once we have done a complete sweep with the Mercury Tracker 3000IP of all presumed area's and we are receiving reading that are below the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) permissible exposure limit (PEL) for mercury vapor of 0.1 milligram per cubic meter (.1 mg/M3). We will then inform you that it is now safe to return.

Our mercury cleanup technician will then follow his strict pack up procedures and return the Mercury Tracker 3000IP to our main office where there we will download all of the data into our report generation computer and generate a full report for you as to what was done, what the mercury readings were before and after the cleaning and provide you with a "mercury free" certificate.

We will then arrange to dispose of the collected mercury, contaminated clothing etc. with a local hazardous material waste company.

Mercury Instruments USA - Mercury Cleanup Division will also provide our "mercury free" certification to anyone that may be either required to show that their home or building is mercury free or would like to have a study done for piece of mind.

Health Effects of Mercury

Negative health impacts from mercury are numerous and vary in severity. Mercury poisoning is often associated with neurological disorders. Additional health effects include pneumonitis and other respiratory problems, pulmonary edema (buildup of excess fluid in the tissues), tremors, neuromuscular changes, ataxia (impaired coordination of body movements), deteriorating cognitive function, and death. Symptoms may also include anxiety, irritability, forgetfulness, insomnia, and hallucinations. Of the various ways by which mercury poisoning occurs, inhalation is the most harmful. Children are especially vulnerable to mercury poisoning by inhalation, as its density causes

vapors to sink down near the floor, where small children breathe. Children also breathe faster than adults, having a higher per minute ventilation, which further augments the danger of poisoning by inhalation. Prompt removal from the contaminated environment and proper remediation of the area are necessary, as well as treatment such as chelation therapy, which uses chemicals to draw toxins from the body. These measures can help mitigate the consequences of toxic exposure.