Mercury Awareness Training

Mercury Instruments USA provides mercury awareness training for your company, family, safety teams etc...

For the past year Mercury Instruments USA has been providing the mercury awareness training for the 40 hour HAZWOPPER hazardous material training courses that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our classes cover:
  • General mercury information and history

  • The use and sources of mercury
  • Mercury spill first response action
  • Basic mercury cleanup, decontamination and disposal
  • Toxicity and effects of mercury

Protect you family against dangerous mercury exposure

With the huge increase in the use of compact fluorescent light bulbs, mercury has now become more than ever a house hold item. The only way to be sure that your property is "mercury free" is to have a us perform mercury vapor screening.

Guard your business against law suits

Research is confirming that mercury is one of the main factors leading to ADD and other learning disabilities. Make sure you have the data to support your company in the case of a law suit. All of our data is defendable in the court of law.

Update your facility and remove old mercury containing devices

Older houses and buildings are full of mercury containing devices that could potentially be releasing dangerous levels of mercury.

If you have a mercury spill, break a thermometer, CFL or other mercury containing devise

Our "strictly confidential" services can help you to avoid negative press and inflated cleanup up costs.

Provide your family, employees and students with a short course about the dangerous of mercury

Knowing what to do in the case of a broken mercury containing device could save you thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rest assured that we will remove the mercury contamination

With proven removal techniques and state of the art scientific equipment you can rest assured that upon completion of our confidential mercury decontamination service you will be returning to a safe "mercury free" environment.